Medical insurance

Medical insurance Voluntary medical insurance has become a common practice for companies who take care of their employees’ health. Managers invest companies’ budgets to medical insurance for their workers to create better working conditions, protect employees’ health and increase their productivity. Employees who are offered and enrolled in voluntary insurance policies, report increased job satisfaction and believe they’re more financially prepared to cope with unexpected out-of-pocket medical expenses. Voluntary insurance pays cash benefits regardless of any other insurance coverage employees have in place, including policies available through government health care exchanges. Voluntary medical insurance contracts provide lots of advantages to employers, namely tax benefits on insurance premiums, as provided for by legislation, reduction of expenses on sick-leave payments due to shorter sickness duration period. You as a customer are directly involved in shaping necessary insurance program: you can define the types and volume of health care services and select specific medical institution. OKI Clinic cooperates with major insurance companies of Azerbaijan:

 Our Clinic offers a wide range of medical insurance services:

outpatient care

inpatient care

dentistry (therapeutic, surgical and dental treatment)


drug supply

antenatal care

doctor on call service

involvement of specialists from other medical centers

pre-registration on call

online appointments

remote sites

disinfection and disinfestation

workplace attestation